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LightStream 5-20x50 SF

LightStream 5-20x50 SF
LightStream 5-20x50 SF
LightStream 5-20x50 SF
LightStream 5-20x50 SF


CIR Rifle Scope Specifications

AK Sports Optics Ltd are pleased to indroduce the latest model in the LightStream range of rifle scopes:

LightStream 5- 20 x 50 SF CIR

Application: hunting/target general purpose scope for use on, centre fire, rim fire, fac & std pcp air rifle.

Features: Lens system: comprises of 12 fully coated super grade lenses designed for long and close range work in all light conditions with edge to edge pin sharp image picture.

Side focus /parallax: smooth glide system. When you target is less than 40yds choose a lower magnifcation setting ( 5 ? 9 ) this will ensure no parallax induced shift in point of impact if you are looking through the centre of the scope.

Reticle:fibre optic centre illuminated mil radian pattern 11 brightness settings, which illuminiate centre only and cast light to the rest of the strada iliminating glare.

Second focal plane: Our new IR reticle is ideal for difficult situations e.g. low light wooded/forest areas, or when your reticle merges in to the background and not just at night ! This means fast target acquisition as you wont loose your point on the reticle whatever your back drop! Set to mil@ 9x mag i.e. 3.6? @ 100yds Set to ½ mil@18x mag 1.8? @ 100yds


5-20x50 side focus parallax adjustable 30mm tube Focal range 10m ? infinity ( the minimum focus range is achived on a 5x ? 9x magnification setting) Parallax free from 40yds Exit pupil size 10 ? 2.5 Eye relief 95mm Fast focus eyepiece Shockproof tested to 1000g Water proof (n2) 0.3g/cm2 Finish-hard anodised silk black Turrets, ¼ moa low line ?re-set to zero?

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