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Under UK law, Airguns, Firearms and Silencers can only be delivered to a Registered Firearms Dealer or collected from the shop in person along with proof of age identification or relevant licence if applicable. Please call 01273 326338 for further information.

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If not collecting from our Brighton Store, you can have restricted items posted to your nearest Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD).  When checking out, please enter your delivery address as your chosen RFD.  Please also make your RFD aware of the transfer – They may charge you a small fee to accept the goods.

We currently have a surplus of Bisley Pellets, so grab yourselves a bargain!

Bisley Practice

Inexpensive training pellet for ambitious hobby shooters. High accuracy, excellent value for money. Smooth.

Recommended for Match weapon, hobby weapon. Ideal for 10 yards.

Weight .177 - 8.18 gr tins of 500
Weight .22 - 13.73 gr tins of 250


Bisley Long Range Gold

Medium-weight, extremely accurate competition pellet with flat trajectory for medium ranges. Exceptional aerodynamic design for high impact and penetration.

Tightest shot groups. Lowest rate of lead fouling and consistent shot spreads thanks to special alloy and lubrication. Smooth.

Recommended for Field Target rifle, match weapon, hunting rifle

Ideal for Field Target, hunting, up to ranges of 50 yards

Weight .177 - 7.56 gr tins of 500
Weight .22 - 14.20 gr tins of 250


Bisley Superfield

Pellet with first class accuracy for competition & hunting. With very flat trajectory for medium ranges. Improved drive in the barrel. First-Class aerodynamic design for high impact. Tight shot groups.

Recommended for Field target rifle, match weapon, hunting rifle. Ideal for up to 25 yards.

Weight .177 - 8.64 gr tins of 500
Weight .22 - 14.66 gr tins of 200

Bisley Pest Control

Medium weight, hunting pellet with flat trajectory for medium ranges. Maximum shock effect and deformation of pellets. Smooth with large hollow point.

Recommended for field targets, hunting rifles up to ranges of 25 yards.

Weight .177 - 8.80 gr tins of 400
Weight .22 - 18.21 gr tins of 200





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Bisley Pellets

L.R.G. .177, L.R.G. .22, Pest Control .177, Pest Control .22, Practice .177, Practice .22, Superfield .177, Superfield .22




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