Burris Optics BTH19 V2 Thermal Spotter

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Burris Optics BTH19 V2 Thermal Spotter

Introducing the Burris Optics BTH19 V2 Thermal Spotter, the latest addition to the Burris line-up. This cutting-edge mid-level Thermal Spotter offers advanced thermal imaging capabilities for your outdoor adventures.


 App Connectivity:

  • Real-Time video streaming and photo capture capability
  • Remote control of numerous device settings

Vox Sensor Resolution

  • 400x300 with 50Hz refresh rate
  • Next-gen IR imaging performance from new 12μm pixel pitch sensor allows high performance with smaller, lighter objective lenses
  • Clear and crisp imaging with high performance 35mm F1.0 lens
  • Generous FOV - BTH19 v2 has an FOV of 14.4°x10.8°

Other Features

  • Refreshed UI and menu system allow for intuitive navigation with support for 10 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Polish)
  • All user touchpoints (Buttons, Focus Ring, Diopter Ring, Eye Cups) have been optimized to provide a more comfortable, natural-feeling product operation especially while wearing gloves
  • Waterproof protection
  • All handheld units include accessory M1913 Picatinny accessory rails

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